Notes about ideas for a habit tracking app.

This page is incomplete. It is a work in progress. Contact me if you want to collaborate.

What problem would it solve?

  • Allow someone to keep track of progress towards their regular habits
  • No need to keep a manual list
  • Glance at a single score summing up “consistency”

Who would use this?

  • Everyday people who want to track their habits
  • Self-driven workers who want to make sure a task is done at a set interval

Who would not want to use this?

Who would pay for this?

Sources of Revenue

Expenses: What would be the costs of building this?

  1. Development time
  2. Testing time
  3. Signing up Beta users

MVP Features List

  1. Login with Google
  2. Create a list of habits
  3. Habit interval:
    1. every x days
    2. every week
    3. every month
  4. Sync data to the cloud
  5. Mobile-first interface: users are more likely to use this app if it is a swipe away on their phone
  6. A daily report showing habits completed vs missed for a particular date
  7. Dead simple interface
  8. Single score summing up consistency

What other services/dependencies would be required to build an MVP?

Post MVP Features List

  1. Advanced intervals:
    1. once a week spread over week
    2. once a month spread over week
  2. heuristic / algorithmic scheduling
  3. Add a text label to habit; eg “home” or “health”
  4. Add color to label
  5. A weekly report showing habits completed vs missed for a particular week
  6. Habit sections/groups: eg morning, afternoon, work, gym.
  7. Add email reminder for a habit before it is missed, or as a pre-emptive reminder
  8. Add time of day reminder for a habit
  • Simple interface
  • Make it easy to use
  • People struggle a lot with forming habits
  • Don’t want users to feel bad about missed habits
  • Progress/consistency report
  • Can show habits with different states: new, work in progress, consistent; eg 3 days in a row is new versus 60 days in a ray is consistent
  • Calendar picker for custom interval
  • Change current date to future to see habits for the future
  • Add shortcut/3 dot menu on list to duplicated, delete, rename
  • Add rename to main list


  • [ ] Design mockups; iterate on them
  • [ ] Perform 5 user interviews
  • [ ] Determine business case:
    • what questions should be answered to understand the business case?
    • costs, revenue,
    • pricing model
    • how to keep users onboarded and staying on the app versus uninstalling it after some time
    • how to increase users over time
    • existing solutions/market analysis: what is already out there? what makes this app different? why will users of other apps change to this app? why will new users coming into the market choose this app over others?
    • try another habit tracker for some time; we can aim to build a better version ofthat one and get their users onboarded into our system.
  • [ ] Setup a direct communications channel with users: feature requests, bug reports, questions, suggestions
  • [ ] Share idea with other developers and find others wanting to work with me