Reading List May 17

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May 17, 2020

This week I’m going to add a description of each article. Also there will be a max of three items per week!

What every developer should know about TCP

Modern software applicatins are distributed in nature. TCP is a fundamental component of the Internet and this article does a great job of explaining how TCP works. It specifically focuses on latency and bandwith which are very important to Engineers developing applications.

JVM Struggles and the BEAM

A look at a Java developer’s journey to rewriting a concurrent workload in Elixir. The author walks us through their efforts in profiling a concurrent, heavy-load JVM application and all the warts encountered. They go on to discover the BEAM virtual machine through Elixir which seems to be a better tool.

Escaping the SPA rabbit hole with Turbolinks

An analysis of common pitfalls when choosing to build an SPA. The article considers whether an SPA is justified given the increased development and maintenance cost. It concludes by suggesting a Rails app with Turbolinks provides the illusion of instant-feedback without the architectural nightmare of maintaining a disparate front-end and back-end.

Written by Rafi Khan who lives and works in Ottawa, building useful things and exploring everything the universe has to offer.