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  • PCJ – Tuesday June 04 2024

    Alarm clock app Things I want to learn from this project Getting started on the work

  • PCJ – Friday May 31 2024

    Friday 31 May 2024 PCJ – Personal computing journal

  • Software is more than automation

    I am a big fan of Alan Kay, smalltalk and the dynabook. These are powerful ideas from the 1970s that showed us what it means to have a computer-literate society. I don’t just mean checking emails, word processing, and media consumption. These are interesting and bring with them efficiencies. However, they do not make use…

  • Testing makes me happy

    It’s been a really good day for me. Though, I’ve been programming since the morning, and all the code has now started to look like mush… I’ve been able to implement features, improve performance, testing and feel good about the code I’ve written. At work, I fixed a critical bug by deleting 2 lines and…

  • Making it go faster

    This evening I wanted to make one of my drawing algorithms faster. I’m not sure everyone is interested in performance testing, so for now I’ll keep it brief. If you want to learn more reach out 🙂 I was writing a curve smoothing function using Chaikin’s algorithm. My reference code for the initial implementation Some…

  • Prioritize, ruthlessly

    If you are someone who wants to get a lot done, change the world, invent new technologies, help people, solve all the problems, you’ve got a lot on your list. No matter which organization method or todo app I’ve used, my lists keep growing. They’re so large that I come up with ideas faster than…

  • Experimenting with Remote Development using mosh + tmux + emacs

    Experimenting with Remote Development using mosh + tmux + emacs

    Today I wanted to write a fun post showing you how I write code. I’m someone that likes to change their tooling often. There are a lot of ideas out there about how we should write code, and I think being curious and trying out new things can be fun and informative. Sometimes I don’t…

  • A new theme!

    I’m trying out a different theme on the blog. Before I was using Mazino, now I’m trying out Twenty Twenty-Three. It may take a while before things stabilize, please share your thoughts with me.

  • A filling and healthy breakfast!

    A filling and healthy breakfast!

    Ingredients Instructions My closing thoughts This is usually what I will have for breakfast every day. I keep it interesting by mixing in different vegetables, cheeses or trying out different kinds of bread. One thing I want to try adding in are some peas. What do you think?

  • A journey through the the jungle of programming languages and technologies

    Today I’ll kick off the first micro post with something I have learned recently. Sometimes the right tool for the job is the not the perfect, most flexible or even pleasurable to use. I have spent years searching for good programming languages which are powerful, expressive and a joy to develop in, while also being…